Kosmic Divine Infinite Unconditional Compassionate Love
in Continuous Infinite Expansion of Sovereign Heart 
for Source Intent Realisation for All Existence.


Hearing talk of “The Great Shift – Jump to 5-D”—

Such wishful thinking of sudden global Enlightenment,

To be great Rapture, and “Triumph of Light-over-Dark” –

With those who cannot make it – cast into the Fires of Hell.

Yet Passageway to Eternal Bliss – not require Merit Earned –

When Cosmic alignments and Aeonic Shifts can do all the Work.

We sit back, focus on only the “White Light” of Goodness –

And cash our Spiritual Cheques at the Bank of Divinity. 

And for all that transpired afore – of Suffering and Ignorance –

Redeemed and Evaporated, obviating Karmic and Akashic Laws,

That no longer apply, as likened to the passage of Seasons –

Sufficient that new Cosmic forces ‘clean our plates for Us’.

This is Our Reward for Existing in SpaceTime of Here and Now –

To ride the great Wave of Divine Benefit, onto those of Us Entitled,

And eager to usher in the Aquarian Age, that We celebrate Joyously –

Expecting the Dark, Inversional, Evil, and Sinful – to All just Go Away.

Such Naivete’ – the New Age Superstition –

Akin to Religious Super-Paradigms which govern Humanity,

And Absolve with Amnesty the Era of Egregiousness –

Whilst departing abruptly from Kosmos Laws of Causality.

Lost in Translation from Sacred Tablets of Ancient Wisdom –

Convoluted and distorted through ‘Mystery Schools’ Self-Fixations,

Such that ‘Access to Gnosis’ be exclusivist, elitist, and Rare –

To justify Power and Permission to exploit, those denied Access.

The Utopian Express has always advertised its Coming –

Yet, how many have noticed that the Tracks are not yet Lain?

Heralds of a New Day, and a New World, for All to Partake –

Suddenly thrust into Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness.

And now the Calendar turns page, and opens the New Year –

As Cosmic forces shall stream forth, with only Beneficial Impacts,

We Pray that Polarity and Duality, ’Acquiesce to the Light’ –

While imbued with Privilege of a fashioned God-Core.

May We Awaken to greater Truths, through Praxis of Heart-Soul –

And Enlighten, through Permission to Know Heart-Mind,

That Atonement cannot be abandoned as Responsibility Ours –

And Entitlement’s self-absorption belie Path to Oneness.

So, let Us not sit back, and lazily proclaim “Our Due” –

For Cosmic phenomena not supercede Kosmos-Laws,

Yet, Humanity would not know such – in its Innocence of Youth –

That Source-Intent Realization, Mandates We all Stay in School.



by Anatta Sentience Bindu Rico
December 31, 2023


Invitation – for Consideration:

All day long You Preach, of Great Divine Mother-Goddess LOVE –

Yet, You are afraid of doing Your own necessary ‘Shadow-Work’ –

And You only seem to focus on The Whiteness of Angels, and Fairies –

And Gods and Goddesses with looks that would make Hitler Proud.


You cannot bear to consider the Truths of Unconditional Love –

Which mean: You’d not hesitate to have Open Heart to Abusers –

And Punishers, Oppressors, Daemonics, Terrorists, and Rogues –

Would All Deserve – and Receive – the same Love from You.


Avoidance of ‘Bad News’ is the insistence for Your Day –

Controlling Information-Exposure, so as to “Stay in the Light” –

And Snap-Cancelling intent of cleaning Your Field –

Presupposing (if at all) that Karma yields to Your Whim.


And then, speaking of “Kosmic Unconditional Love” –

You add in, “Divine Infinite Compassion” –

Yet, STILL, You search for Exceptions to this Mantra –

That would give You Justification for Hate and Rage.


When You witness the Savagery of War, You Contract –

Only to search for Validation of the ‘Righteous-Warrior’ –

And then You Re-Expand – with “GOD on Our Side” –

Fight – Hate – Conquer – so that the GOOD will know Peace.


And You will Proclaim of the Great Shift to 4th Dimension –

Misnomer for 4th Density-Level of Consciousness Evolution –

With the entitled expectation that You shall, indeed, be Chosen –

Because You Dance-Ecstatic, Tantracize-Pleasure, and do Yoga.


Your (perpetually-wounded) ‘Inner-Child’ can always save You –

Your Scape-Goat, and Your Cheap-Ass-Excuse, as You need it to Be –

Because “I AM too wounded to know fully this Divine Love” –

You can indulge Violational-Separation, wishing Suffering upon Others.


“I know Unconditional Love!” – exclaim/ proclaim in Proud Pretense –

“Except when I see Babies killed, Women abused, and My Religion Attacked” –

Then suddenly, You become, “Only Human”, and unable to BE this Love –

At the time when it is, indeed, most needed, to be Present in Field.


Does the Quest for Justification out-weigh the Surrender to this Love?

Does it Frighten beyond tolerance that Enlightenment be so Tested?

Does it Overwhelm as unmanageable a Heart completely Open?

Does the “Bottom-Line” of Root-Chakra Survival be Insurmountable?

Was what made Jesus, ‘God’, this same Infinite Love?  

So We mere-mortal-Humans, cannot possibly BE like Him?

And to try, to Aspire, be ‘Sinful, Heretical, Arrogance’?

Good thing there’s Sunday Confession, Baptism, and Forgiveness to save the Day!


Yet, He said, in words of John 14:12 –

“He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do Also;

And greater works than these shall he Do”; 

So, Ordained and Proclaimed, this LOVE We can Know, and can Show, NOW. 


And in 1 Corinthians 13:13, similar Truth Pronounced –

“But the greatest of these is Love.”

And 4th-Density Consciousness Shift be UNCONDITIONAL LOVE –

Then what Qualifies You for this, when Your Hearts close so Easily?


Dear Humans – and especially Religious Fundamentalists –

Purists, Zealots, ‘God’s Chosen People’, and the ‘Holier-than-Thou’ –

The Kosmic Divine Offering is now upon You –

BE the Kosmic Unconditional Love/ Divine Infinite Compassion.


STOP KILLING in the name of Your GOD –

Stop Killing in the Justification of Your Limited Humanity –

HAVE THE COURAGE to Love All Existence – 

… That We can All rise together as Awakened Love-Beings.


–  no more Excuses.


by Anatta Sentience Bindu Rico
November 15, 2023


Her HeartBeat:

The splashing of the Waves,

The Thunder in the Distance,

We receive Her Grace.

Knowing not the Depth of Her Sorrow,

Until She Storms forth in Calamity,

We regret Our share in the Tragedy,

For We broke Her Heart.

Rising Sun as She opens Eyes,

Smiling Warmth of Celestial Glow,

Setting Sun as She Blinks,

Somber Shadow for Inward Turning.

Occasional Eruptions in Fire,

We Query of Her Anger,

Raging Pain is Greater Truth,

She wishes None to Suffer.

Yet all forms of Smallness of Life,

Alight on Her to Populate,

She gives All the Chance to Grow,

May We Learn Gratitude.

Yet, Our Lessons are slowly Learned,

As We damage Her, and One Another,

She will Re-cycle Biome Again,

Though ne’er forget All She Sheltered.

For this Heart of Boundless Love,

Planetary-Divine-Infinite in Scale,

No-thing concealed of Her Notice,

Circle-Cycle of Elements, She Creates.

‘Tis Blessing to Feel Overwhelm,

Of Sentience as Cosmos-as-Womb,

Of Intent of Will’s Permit,

Lord of Existence find Peace in Her Heart.

by Anatta Sentience Bindu Rico
January 13, 2023


Were We GIVEN the Mission –

Or simply Volunteered?  You should Know.

Yet Amnesiatogenic Decent,

Erases Importance of Assignment Below.

Prior to this Corpuscular Capsule –

In Aetherium’s Mist, Source Instructions Clear.

Yet, traversing Spirit, Astral, & Causal,

Mental Plane gave Free-Choice to hold Near.

Arriv’d with Dis-Guise of Uncertainty –

We declare Divine Right. Harm, Fear, & Hate.

For, through causing Wounds onto Others,

We collapse into Chaotic State.

Such undoing of Congealed Consciousness –

Internal, Entropic Mind. Seek new Truth.

Turn Heart and Reason, back to OverMind’s Dharma,

Be led to find Sayers of Sooth.

Clarity of Importance Emerge –

Not for Self?  For Service, such Self can Proclaim. 

As Virtue’s Path credit Us not in Tally,

Rather, Suffering’s decline in this Domain.

For We were Assigned –

To Volunteer to Forget.  Cause of great Mess.

That Conscience beam Light of Mission anew,

And to Source-Intent We All Acquiesce.

Service Self-Less –

Key to Enlightened Being?  This You Know.

Giving such Choice back to Kosmos’ Womb,

That Infinite Creations continue to Flow.

So, there We have it –

A Mission RE-Declared.  To Clean up Samsara’s Errs.

With Higher Gnosis, We Surrender to Divine Order, 

Lighting Path to Ascend Heavenly Stairs.

by Anatta Sentience Bindu Rico
January 13, 2023


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