Kosmic Divine Infinite Unconditional Compassionate Love in Continuous Infinite Expansion of Sovereign Heart  
for Source Intent Realisation for All Existence.

The One Mind Sanctuary is a union of mystics, spiritual teachers, and medicine people, whose work and energy are offered in the spirit of charity for the betterment and evolution of humankind.

Our deepest intention is to free beings from suffering and to promote a global innerstanding of kosmic love and oneness, so that humanity may collectively step into its destined role of our planet’s divine guardians and keepers to promote and protect the wellbeing of all her sentient life.

The word sanctuary derives from the Latin sanctum, meaning ‘holy place’. Its general use is that of a ‘place of protection’. 

The One Mind Sanctuary is both, a platform through which those seeking for guidance can get access to exclusive online wisdom sharing, participate in Satsang & teachings, those devoted on a deeper level, can partake in deep immersive retreats.

Charity is a vital component when sharing
'The One Mind'. As such, all teachings offered either on- or offline are provided free of charge – and free from a paradigm of exchange. The One Mind Sanctuary and its dharma workers support and encourage a range of other charitable projects, including Earth is our common home (Siberia), Planetary Center of the Living Light (Lake Baikal), AQA Sacred Waters, Bodhicitta Foundation (India), and others.

There are several ways to connect with
The One Mind Sanctuary:

Anyone wishing to participate and receive services can sign up by filling an application that is used to screen everyone engaging with the Sanctuary. 

As a charitable organization, The One Mind Sanctuary is wholly dependent on the goodwill of its community. Benefactors offering financial or physical resources are therefore greatly appreciated. The One Mind Sanctuary will also be offering regular updates and content to support its core intention of global awakening. Visitors to the website can sign up to receive notifications when new content has been published.


'First be love, then everything else you do will be perfect.'

The One Mind Sanctuary promotes the teachings of the Direct Path. We are dedicated to expansion into the field of oneness and the realisation of the Self, reflected as a movement from an egocentric, ethnocentric, and world-centric mode of existence into the state of an unconditioned being in cosmic conscious presence.

‘Your own self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world.’

Healing and Counselling

The One Mind Sanctuary unites mystics, and also healers and doctors at service for the mental, emotional and physical healing of humanity’s individual and collective trauma.

As the uniting force of life on Earth and the planet’s living memory, sound, frequency and water are what bridges ancient healing arts, herbal remedies, and holistic medicine. As such, besides the core pillars of fasting, breath-work, self-inquiry, water applications and movement, a central focal point are break-through frequency treatments.

'You hold the power to allow yourself to heal.'


Gatherings, programs and Satsang will be held regularly, online and offline, where people from all over the world will unite to further the cause of humanity’s evolution and awakening into Self, and away from suffering.

The One Mind Sanctuary will be soon offering retreats in various destinations, and excursions around the world.
In the near future retreats will be held directly in The One Mind Sanctuary's temple spaces.

'Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.'

'To give and not expect return – that is what lies at the heart of love.'
The One Mind Charity embodies the knowing that uniting the divine gifts of dharma workers, mystics, and healers can unlock human's natural abilities to realise The Self, and promote a faster awakening.
We offer the original, direct approach to spiritual teachings that cultivates the intention to offer unconditionally and which steps outside the existing paradigm of exchange...
'... for exchange is a transaction between two separately identifying beings.'

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