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in continuous infinite expansion of sovereign heart 
for source intent realisation for all existence.
Bear Alf Saorin

Mystic, Sage & Shaman, Spiritual Teacher

Bear Alf Saorin

Italy, The Netherlands, Austria

Bear (1970) is an overall visionary and manifestor in multiple fields of the Wholeness of Life. Part of his broad practical skills is the talent of organizing and languages, being native in German and Italian, fluent in English, speaking some Dutch and Spanish. He is a very positive minded personality, with an eye for the beauty of all things, able to emphasise and negotiate between and for parties with diplomacy and savoir-faire, a great motivator and mentor of people in all stages of life.

With 17 he became member of the “Self-Realization Fellowship of Paramhansa Yogananda” and was initiated in the Kriya Yoga.

At the age of 19 he found his first company in event-management & tourism, which grew into branches in six European countries with a few dozens of employees, and that he ran for nearly 25 years. He later founded the health food supplement brands "Bearmedicine", "The King of Herbs" and "Chaga-Shop".

As a sailor from childhood and seafarer by DNA, he spent seven years at sea sailing most parts of the globe. Bear is founder of "WORLDSAILING" a sailing service agency, and "The ARQ" Ocean project. 

He has been living with Shamans of various cultures, mystics of the Mayan, Maori, Siberian and Mongolian traditions. Stayed long periods with the Blackfeet Indians in Montana/USA for further spiritual growth & wisdom exchange. Bear travelled to over 100 countries, mostly in service and for his spiritual development.

Today, Bear the Mystic, as a mentor of THE ONE MIND Sanctuary, shares his knowing and wisdom, teaches spirituality and answers questions of life. In his Dharma he is still travelling a lot as Shaman and teacher, assisting people on their spiritual path, and overcoming their suffering.



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Anatta Sentience Bindu

Medium, Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Anatta Sentience Bindu

California, USA

For over 35 years, EnRico has lectured and advocated worldwide for Mind-Body and Integrative Medicine, for Integral Awareness Mastery (I-AM TM), and Awareness Systems Providing Energetic Core Transformation (ASPECT TM ).  EnRico was a National Merit/California Physicians Scholar at Harvard University, receiving his A.B. in Public Health, in 1977.

He completed his Masters in Public Health (M.P.H.) degree at the University of California at Berkeley in 1981.  His Medical education was at the University of California at Irvine, and at Stanford University, with his M.D. from UCI in 1982.  His Post-Doctoral training includes: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of Cornell Univ.; Montefiore/ Albert Einstein Medical Centers; The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Health Care Financing Admin; and The Univ. of Iowa College of Medicine.

Dr. Melson has held multiple Allopathic credentials, including: General Preventive Medicine and Public Health; Occupational/ Environmental Medicine; Family Medicine; Pain Management; Disability Evaluation; Medical Administration; and Epidemiology and Health Services Research.  He also holds such other Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM) credentials as: Doctor of Natural Medicine (Honorary); Diplomate in Integrative Holistic Medicine; Fellow in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine; Medical HypnoTherapist; Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Ayurveda Practitioner; Master Bio-Energetics Practitioner; Dynamic Integral Medica; and Trainer in numerous Mind/ Body Integration practices.  He has directed multiple programs and clinics in Family Medicine, Ayurvedic, Mind-Body, Spa, Primary Care, MedEvac, Urgent Care, Occupational, Environmental, Integrative, and Addiction Medicine.  EnRico is the Developer of the HoloLinguistic Awareness (HLA) Methodology, as well as the Integral Awareness Medicine (I- AM TM ) and Syntelligence Systems.  His studies of Ancient Systems include Ayurvedic Medicine, Hawaiian Huna, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shamanic pursuits.

His Excellency, Raja Muda, Kaitiaki, Sir, Ser, Dr. ENRICO A. MELSON, MD, DASH, DNM(H), MPH, FACPM, DAAPM, ABIHM, CHCQM, MHT, MHLA, MBEP, (DIM), KCSJ, KCLJ, MSE, GCSE, GCCCR, GCDR – currently lives in California, USA, while frequently traveling domestically and abroad, in Service, as Teacher and Healer.

Other noteworthy SPIRITUAL HONOURS for which He has been acknowledged include:

  • “Living Vessel of Amitabha Buddha”;
  • “Incarnation of Bindu Consciousness”;
  • “Guardian of the Sacred Tears of Crying Madonna of Verona”;
  • “Reincarnation of Pharoah Khufu/ Cheops”;
  • “Receiver of the Invisible Stigmata of Saint Pio di Pietralcina”;

Additionally, EnRico has been acknowledged in numerous Prophesies in multiple Cultures around the world, including Mayan, Maori, Roman Catholic, Tibetan, and Filipino.

Servant-Rico teaches frequently to hundreds of students worldwide, in advanced Meditation, Stillness, Consciousness, Enlightenment Principles, and Spiritual and Energetic Healing Practices. Today, much of his work also entails serving as Spiritual Guide/ Mentor to a growing cadre of world-class Scientists, to assist in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Quantum Biology, and the overall interfacing of leading-edge Science, Spirituality, Consciousness – and Selfless Service.

EnRico has three Children: Che’, Nolan, and Krystyanna. He considers each of Them true young Masters – and much more advanced than He.

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Malika Avani

High Priestess, Shamanka and Sound-Healer

Malika Avani


Malika Avani is a High Priestess of Earth whose innate shamanic gifts, love and devotion has continued to midwife hive full of Creatives and intuitives of new Earth consciousness. She elevates the visions and frequency of Women Leaders of our time through drum mentorship and life-changing experiences with sacred medicines on Sacred Sites. Her 13 years Initiation journey as a pilgrim and medicine woman has brought her to over 30 countries.

She is currently based in Singapore where she runs workshops and ceremonies to support woman to re-connect to their feminine sensual rhythms.


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Haske Yilnayah Oso

Tribal Elder, Shaman & Spiritual Teacher

Haske Yilnayah Oso

Toluca, Mexico
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Jana Pedestrea Zaira Galactika

Intergalactic traveler, Medium, Visual & Sound Artist

Jana Pedestrea Zaira Galactika

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